Friday, March 10, 2017

[ Review ] - Super Mini-Pla - Gaogaigar

Review by Unoyo


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  1. To me, this is a "cheaper version" of Gaogaigar figurines. This figure is more, how should i say this... "Playable" than the Super Robot Chogokin version, who tends to have lose joints syndrome. However, unlike the SRC version (or even SOC version), this Super Minipla version is kinda fragile. SO if you want to "play" it & change it's pose to recreate battle scenes, you must be VERY careful. My last advice is, buy 2 sets if you have sufficient money for it. 1 set is for individual modes (Gaigar/Galeon, Stealth Gao, Liner Gao, & Drill Gao), & 1 set is for combined mode as Gaogaigar.