Sunday, August 31, 2014

G-System 1/72 Candy Kshatriya by Bang_Doll

G-System 1/72 Candy Kshatriya by Bang_Doll

Original source : Mecha Lounge Forum
Modeler         : Bang_Doll
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Original from the topic :
Okay guys, after years of talking about this stupid thing, here it is.  It was actually finished a while ago, but I had to sit on the pics until the e2046 contest was over.  It got second (1st Runner Up) in Robots.

Painted with Vallejo, Gunze, and Gaia. Three shades of clear green were custom mixed for the "candy" style metallic finish over the metallic base coat. The colors are actually blocked out as on the stock color scheme (dark green body, light green binders, etc.), but got brighter just by the nature of having a bright metallic backing.

Full stainless steel internal pins were used to eliminate the need for "cheater" holders on binders. A chrome rod was used to mount to the base. A mirror base is used so the underside details of feet, etc., can be seen. The mirror base is covered in most pictures to keep light reflection from washing out the shading on the reflective surfaces.

Considering how much extra work went into this over the usual resin build, this will be the ONLY time I ever build this kit. lol  I could have saved myself a lot of additional work (and money) if I would have just painted the thing in straight colors... but no, I'm the "Candyman", so I put myself through the extra torture of all the additional steps required to produce three different candy colors.  Oof...

And then after all this, the battery decided to fry itself before I could get photos with the lights on.  I'll shoehorn in a replacement someday, but I'm in no hurry... :x_x:

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